Mobile Notifications Now a Reality with Blocknative Assist 0.8

Chris Meisl

By Chris Meisl in blockchain, usability on June 4, 2019

Since launching Blocknative Assist, we have received a lot of great feedback from the Dapp developer community. Based upon feedback from our users, we're excited to announce that our latest 0.8 release now meets your users wherever they are – including mobile Dapp browsers. With Assist.js 0.8 you can now provide your mobile users with: 

  • Transaction Awareness Notifications: including real-time transaction state change alerts such as pending, stalled, failed, completed, and more. 
  • Wallet Readiness Checks: pre-flight dialogs to ensure that each mobile user's wallet is configured to transact successfully with your Dapp.
  • New User Onboarding: including real-time checks for supported mobile wallet browsers, connection to correct network, sufficient balance (optional), and modals for handling privacy modes.

Based on testing across iOS and Android, mobile notifications will appear at the top of the device screen by default.

Nifty Football Mobile Notification UX

Want to explore mobile Blocknative Assist’s functionality? You can experience the benefits of our platform via these publicly-accessible live demos:

  • Nifty Football: A Rinkeby testnet version of the popular Nifty Football crypto-collectible game, including full support for mobile transactions on Cipher or Coinbase Wallet
  • MakerDAO CDP: Check out the Assist.js Dark Mode feature with this Mainnet version of the MakerDAO CDP.
  • Flex Dapps Burner Wallet: A mobile-only example of how the custom CSS capabilities of Assist.js can be cleanly integrated into a purpose-built Burner Wallet. 

Check out the full update on the Blocknative Github – and please ⭐ our repo while you are there! We have a rich feature pipeline and will continue to regularly introduce new capabilities, expanded compatibility, and fixes and refinements. 

Blocknative believes that for users to adopt blockchain, we have to be friendly, human, and simple. Our goal is to build developer friendly tools for Web3 to enable user-friendly experiences with Dapps.

If you have thoughts on how Blocknative could help, please let me know on our Discord.

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